Your school life may have been a little dull or an absolute bliss, you might’ve been the cool loner or the popular teen, you were either teacher’s favorite or maybe the prankster, but we all think about our school days. 

The experiences at this level are the building stones for the future and memories to cherish. Along with formal education, a school environment contributes to many other areas of our life too.

Learning Experience In School

A learning experience is part of an interaction, course, program, which emancipates learning and knowledge. Every child’s learning experience in school is subjective and unique irrespective of the uniform teaching mode. Therefore, we perceive things based on certain experiences that may or may not align with everyone else around us.

1. Quality of Education

All schools might follow a centralized board, but the delivered education still depends on other factors such as teachers’ skill, the medium used for imparting it, practical application, the environment, discipline, and innovation within a set curriculum. Moreover, education extends beyond literacy. Hence, its scopes expand beyond textbook teaching and learning.

2. Peer groups

School provides the children with a much broader experience than formal education. It is a place where a child meets new people, and forms bonds strong enough to last a lifetime. Peer groups formed in school are vital since they develop at a young age and stay with us for a long time. The right kind of peers can encourage us to do better, improve ourselves, and help overall development. Whereas people with wrong intent can force us into bad habits, divert our attention from the academic forefront, and give us emotional trauma. Setting aside the emotional angle, peer groups also determine the child’s personality because the company they keep and the people around them greatly influence them. Hence, choosing the right peer group in school is extremely important.

Impact of School Days on Personality

A school is not only about learning what is in our textbooks. We also learn different skills required for survival in the outside world through extracurricular activities, sports, and additional responsibilities such as being a head girl or head boy.

1. Social Skills

The school environment helps us meet new people and mingle with like-minded ones. The socialization process in our lives begins at school. We learn how to deal with friends, foes, superiors, bullies, etc., and in the process, we develop skills that help us throughout our lives.

2. Extra-Curricular Activities

Activities like dramatics, sports, oratory, music, art and crafts help develop a child. In addition, people realize their true talents in school, which allows them to start early and build a career by utilizing their talent.

3. Leadership Skills

School is a vital place to receive education and holistic personality development, which helps us lead a good life and discover ourselves as the kinds of adults we desire to be.

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