A safe platform where people come together to express their feelings share ideas and talk about the situations, issues along with concerns without any prejudice, or judgement with experts guiding the way.

About Project Catharsis

Our experiences shape the direction and perspective of “who we choose to become over time”. Our memory, goal setting, fears, dreams and connections evolve on how we embrace both good, bad and neutral experiences. 

Project “Catharsis” provides a safe space where people can come together to talk about anything; express themselves; speak about situations, issues and concerns. The conducive environment, supported by experts guiding the way, helps you become aware of your innermost feelings initiating a positive change.

  • Safe and open talkspace platform
  • Personal connecteurs to guide the participants pre and post the catharsis session
  • Attractive takeaways, merchandise and book marks for every participant

On-going Events

Event NameDateTime
Catharsis Talkspace on Existential and Mid-life Crisis9 October11.00 AM & 7.00 PM
Catharsis Talkspace on A Journey Towards Self-Love16 October11.00 AM & 7.00 PM
Catharsis Talkspace on Loneliness Vs. Solitude23 October11.00 AM & 7.00 PM
Catharsis Talkspace on Balancing Intimacy and Space in Relationships30 October11.00 AM & 7.00 PM

Meet The Experts