The way we connect or disconnect as an individual, professional or community either develops or disrupts purpose of life itself. So connect with us through our varied programs” and join the journey towards excellence.

About Project Connect

The urge to connect is a basic need in everyone i.e. some prefer it one-on-one, some on multi-level, and some on a inner level. Our project “Connect” offers ways to develop personal, professional and social relationships through counseling services, seminars, workshops, newsletters along with real life stories, client testimonials to inspire you.

  • Multiple modes to connect with experts for general and mental wellbeing
  • Individual counseling services with pre and post analysis for a progressive review.
  • Expert guidance for professional and personal skill development through Training Modules, Workshop and Internship Programmes.

Choose your therapy plan

Therapy Session

A therapeutic session involves identifying your concerns and facilitating how you cope in a situation. As you progress through the sessions, you gain insight and a new perspective about your concerns. Your expert helps build your therapeutic goals and collaboratively work towards a better version of you.
700 599
/ Session
  • Duration Of Session: 60 mins
  • Number Of Sessions: 1

Talk Sessions

Do you just want someone to talk to? Someone who will be there to listen to what YOU have to say without any judgement and conditions? This is a session where you can come to just simply talk, vent and we'll be there for you at any time.
300 249
/ Session
  • Duration Of Session: 30 mins
  • Number Of Sessions: 1

OnGoing Events

Chemistry & Mystery of Love Workshop on Teens6th July7.00 PM
Chemistry & Mystery of Love Workshop on Adults13th July7.00 PM
Chemistry & Mystery of Love Workshop on Old Age20th July7.00 PM
Chemistry & Mystery of Love on Conscious Re-Coupling & De-Coupling27th July7.00 PM
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Career Counseling Workshop2nd July11.00 AM
Understanding Children - Offender Vs Victim Vulnerability Factors5th July11.00 AM
Professional Enhancement Workshop9th July11.00 AM
Basic Counseling Skills Workshop16th July11.00 AM
Offender Counseling Workshop23rd July11.00 AM
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Relationship Workshop11th July11.00 AM
Redefining Masculinity Through Self Exploration19th July11.00 AM
Conflict Management Workshop25th July11.00 AM
Magnificence and Collective Consciousness of Money Workshop26th July11.00 AM
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