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Safe Roads Begins with mindfulness towards safety and awareness about consequences.

The driver’s super power that saves lives is his/her ability to coordinate and control their senses according to the environment around them. Mindfulness is a state that allows a person to be aware and engage in the present moment. It means a heightened awareness of  everything going on around. Thus, mindful driving or walking on the road can enhance the sense of responsibility towards safety of self and others.  Transform your commuting experience with mindful driving emancipating safety and good on the drive experiences.

“Road safety” is something important that has to be followed at all times to ensure the safety of the operators of a vehicle, pedestrians and passengers. Road safety refers to the methods used to prevent the road accident and protect those who travel on the road.  Awareness about road safety aims in educating, training and encouraging people regarding safe driving skills and use of roads . Moreover, it focuses on changing user attitudes, behavior and to stimulate an awareness of the need for improvement in road safety.

Road Safety Management Crisis

Based on the high risk factors  WHO advises a comprehensive approach involving multiple sectors and taking into account vehicles, road users and the road environment. In the short term, some results can be achieved through cost effective interventions such as comprehensive road safety legislation, law enforcement and awareness raising campaigns. 

According to the Report on Road Accidents in India, the accident-related deaths in India amounted to 1, 53,113 in 2019. Every year, 3 to 5% of the country’s GDP is being used to deal with the aftermath of these road accidents. And unfortunately, 70% of Young Indians are involved in them.

Keeping in mind the facts and figures, developing countries are also now demonstrating that such significant reductions can be achieved via implementation of appropriate policy. A vision for road safety policies can also raise public interest and create support in the population and among public and private organizations for road safety improvement

Issues of Road Safety

  • Breaking traffic rules have dire consequences. Neglecting to follow these rules may result in penalty, fine or even wrongful death of a person. 
  • Poor infrastructure and bad designs of the road can potentially lead to more accidents.
  • The missing road signs of safety on the road result in misinformation and accidents could occur.
  • The country has made certain laws to be followed on the road. However, their enforcement is often lacking. 
  • When accidents take place on the road, the emergency services are usually not quick to take care of the injured and so the latter succumb to those injuries.

Steps to Ensure Road Safety

  • Speed determines the risk as well the effects of an accident. One should drive within the speed limit for their safety. Authorities can control the speed limit with the help of laws, road designs, speed cameras, and enabling serious punishment for those who go over the speed limit. 
  • Various safety measures are within the car only. Seatbelts, child safety seats, and airbags are built for the safety of the people in the vehicle. One should make use of it. 
  • Wearing a helmet is very important for motorcyclists. The country should not only make the law but also enforce it strictly so that people think twice before breaking not wearing helmets. 
  • A lot of people talk over the phone while driving and they don’t realise how dangerous it is. Driving after drinking is also dangerous and can lead to accidents. One should not do either and laws for both cases need to be enforced strictly and efficiently. 
  • Low visibility due to fog or pollution in a country can be very hazardous for the public driving as well as pedestrians. The motorcyclists could wear bright colours to deal with low visibility. Authorities and the public should work towards getting rid of air pollution. 
  • The government should improve the roads and infrastructure. If a road is under construction it should be shut down from use and the public should be made aware so that they can take alternate routes. 
  • Technology like motion sensors, alcohol detectors and computer-driven cars could be seen in the future. All of this would remove the possibility of human error. (accidents) 
  • As pedestrians, one should always look at both sides before crossing the road. One should wait for the red light and then cross the road via zebra crossing.

Raising awareness about road safety is very important. Authorities need to make the public aware of the importance of road safety and the situations where it can be avoided. Enforcement of the laws, as well as campaigns for road safety, is needed. With various other educational measures, the civilians should realise its importance and reflect on how road safety is not just for them but also for others including their loved ones..  It is only with suitable institutional, financial, and legal framework that proper road safety policies and action plans are on the ground for increased road safety. Road deaths can be drastically reduced if enough people are interested in working together to make it happen without any prejudices and vested interests. Awareness about mindful driving and implementing it will have a strong and positive impact on the practise of road safety measures. 

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